Travel Tips

  • Keep your passport, tickets and money separately.
  • Put a photocopy of your passport in each your luggage.
  • Label your entire luggage with name and address.
  • Try to have water more frequently as the air in the aircraft can leave you dehydrated. Also avoid alcohol.
  • To prevent the swelling of feet as is wont to happen on long flights, walk in the aisle at intervals and try not to take off your shoes.
  • When making flight reservation, remember to request for special meals if you have any food restrictions.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, take an anti sickness pill before the flight. The pill won't help much, if you have it after you have started feeling sick.
  • Keep track of the weather at your destination and be prepared.
  • Leave a copy of your travel itinerary and a copy of you passport with someone at home for emergency purposes.
  • Avoid carrying lot of jewelry, and keep some money handy for easy access.
  • Be at the airport Three hours before departure for international and One hour before departure for Domestic flight.
  • Check your baggage limits and carry only permitted baggage as excess baggage will not be allowed.
  • Before departure check your Visa and Passport expiry date.
  • Before departure check your Ticket, Passport, Travel documents and Forex.